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Penetration Bitumen 40/50

General Description

Penetration Bitumen 40/50 is another semi-hard grade bitumen that is commonly known as cable grade. This grade, like other grades of penetration bitumen, is named according to the degree of penetration of the needle in the bitumen at a certain ambient temperature.

The softness or hardness of the penetration bitumen is dependent on the temperature, higher temperatures cause softer bitumen and lower temperatures cause harder bitumen. Lower penetration grades are preferred in warmer regions, and higher penetration grades are preferred in colder regions.

Technical Properties : Penetration Bitumen 40/50

This grade of penetration bitumen, 40/50, has a penetration degree between 40 to 50 desi-millimeters and has a softening point between 52 and 60 ℃.

Applications : Penetration Bitumen 40/50

Penetration Bitumen 40/50 is used in various industries such as road construction and repairments, asphalt pavement production, for production of thinner cables and for coating, sealing operations. Also, it’s used in most bituminous products.

Packing : Penetration Bitumen 40/50

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