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Natural Grade Bitumen

General Description

PUB-LTD Co. gilsonite is an asphalt binder and modifier solvent that has unique properties. Road construction problems include deformations such as cracking; distortion; disintegration and high temperatures cause more problems. Using gilsonit in pavements made of recycled asphalt, makes them more durable. Asphalt binders modified by gilsonite will produce stronger road constructions compared to other binders. Moreover, by using this modified binder, asphalt roads can be paved thinner up to 20% compared to common binders.

This means less cost for road construction, smoother riding opportunity and a longer lifespan compared to thicker pavements. Please contact us to learn more about this application. Gilsonite can be added directly into the HMA plant as an aggregate modifier with no additional equipment. Gilsonite provides high strength, durability, less thickness, less temperature sensitivity, high-performance, water-resistance and prevents deformation because of its unique strong bonding property. Also, it has more benefits like special deformation performance and high resistance to water adsorption. All of these properties cause gilsonite to provide strength and longer life for pavements and roads.

PUB-LTD Gilsonite as a Pavement Sealer : Natural Grade Bitumen

Pavement sealer acts as a protective coating for asphalt-based pavements. Pavement sealer is applied to asphalt based pavement after waiting for the newly paved asphalt to be cured for a few months. It is a liquid coating mixture. Gilsonite sealer is much like the paint used to protect wooden structures from the elements in the environment. Porous structure of the asphalt pavements is subject to deterioration for being exposed to water and other elements. A sealcoat or pavement sealer is utilized to protect the asphalt pavement. The areas that are subject to a freeze/thaw cycle especially need protection.

The unique and amazing properties of gilsonite cause solvent-based and emulsion sealers to dry quicker compared to common materials. Gilsonite, due to its inherent antioxidant properties, helps to preserve the color of pavements for a longer period. Moreover, its unique molecular structure and potent bonding properties help revitalize both waterproof pavements and sealers. Pavements with a longer lifetime are more environmentally friendly. Making roads using recycled asphalt reduces extra cost and energy. Please contact us for more information.

Asphalt Grade Gilsonite in Oil Drilling : Natural Grade Bitumen

Gilsonite is used as an additive in oil and gas drilling. Gilsonite is used as a dispersion agent and HTHP fluid loss control in water based drilling. The researchers conducted tests and found out that gilsonite performed highest in compressive strength testing under conditions of 100 -150 ˚C and up to 3000 psi.