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Rubber Process Oil

General Description

Rubber Process Oil (RPO) provided by Peak Universal Business Co. has two commercial types. Synthetic and Natural. In a nutshell, they are used to produce various goods including Toys, Hoses, Tires, Rubbers, Giant Rubbery Products for Huge Vehicles and Constructions, etc. This product is known as a combination of different processing components including Naphthenic, Aromatic, and Paraffinic.

The main usage of this product is in Rubber industries, especially in producing Vehicle Tires all around the world. In addition, Peak Universal Business Co. (PUB-LTD) provided a special grade of Rubber Process Oil (RPO) according to the needs of the world, the type of intended use, and the Tire type. Rubber Process Oil (RPO) has three different type includes Aromatic, Paraffinic, and Naphthenic which are described below:

Aromatic RPO : Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Process Oil Aromatic type has two bonded cyclic hydrocarbons in its structure. There are available different grades of Aromatic RPO such as High Viscosity, Medium Viscosity, Low Viscosity, DAE, TDAE, and MES. This good is used to manufacture different practical products like Automotive Tires, Tire Re-treating, Automotive Tubes, Bicycle Tires, the Casing of Batteries, Hoses, Belt production, and Containers, Technical Goods, etc. Moreover, TDAE grade is an ideal good to produce Slippers, LPG Tubes, etc. because of its unique properties such as Color Stability, Good Solubility, and Thermal Stability.

Paraffinic RPO : Rubber Process Oil

This category of Rubber Processing Oils includes branched or linear Hydrocarbons that are provided goods with various Viscosity. In addition, as the length of the Hydrocarbon Chain increases, the Viscosity also increases. Paraffinic RPO has unique properties that make it compatible to use in various operations. Some of the important and bold properties of this good are High Flash Point and High Viscosity.

Naphthenic RPO : Rubber Process Oil

Naphthenic RPO has the same structure as Aromatic RPO, except that their structural bonds are single. This product has relatively high stability due to the unique bonds in its structure. Moreover, it has some benefits like color stability, excellent solubility, and thermal stability.