Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 (or Blown Bitumen 85/25) is a semi-solid and midrange grade of this category. Oxidized Bitumen R85/25 manufacturing is done by air blowing soft Bitumen (Penetration Grades, Bitumen 60/70). This grade of Penetration Bitumen is the base and raw material for most bituminous products. The procedure under controlled conditions gives bitumen elastic properties more than other types of bitumen.

The rubbery property makes bitumen suitable to use in various industries and their applications like construction, sealing, coating, road-making, etc.

Technical Properties:

Blown Bitumen R85/25 tests are based on an ASTM international test method; its softening point and needle penetration are equal to 85℃ (based on ASTM D36) and 25 desi-millimeter (based on ASTM D5), respectively. For more information, you can refer to Test Data Sheet (TDS) section.


Blown Bitumen 85/25 (or Oxidized Bitumen R85/25) is used in numerous industries and their applications. It is used in civil works, roofing, facing, flooring, dust-binders, construction, road-making, road sealing and treatment, crack sealing, adhesive, especial paints, pulp paper. Also, it is used in textile production, combined with fuel, rubber, and plastic products, bitumen-based paints and colors, paving and pavements, noise proofing, and coating to prevents metal structures from corrosion, pavements made by Portland cement. Moreover, this category of Bitumen is used in sensitive industries like Oil and Gas, automobile, and cars industry as a coating component and undercarriage, respectively.


Melted Bitumen R85/25 must be under controlled temperature conditions because heat controlling is an important item in this procedure. Heated Bitumen should not be allowed to cool into the boiler and be reheated because this action requires a lot of potentials and as if this is a kind of energy imposition on the system.

To get good or to have perfect heat transfer through procedure needs a large surface area; without this equipment, heating can cause incomplete heat transfer and leads to waste time and energy; and the more important thing is product quality. Because with heat control, we can produce high-quality bitumen with some technical features like high durability, high flexibility, water-resistant, more chemical stability, high penetration index, solid form in ambient temperature (or room temperature).


Employees and workers that work in Oxidized Bitumen plants must wear protective glasses, masks, and gloves to prevent probable accidents.


25Kg Kraft Bag, 25Kg Polyamide Bag, Carton, Drum, and Bulk.

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